Mis-Sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

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Payment protection insurance or PPI has been mis-sold in a number of ways.

Sellers of PPI have a responsibility to explain the product and ensure you fully understand it and that it is appropriate for you. PPI policies have exclusions and you should have been taken through these. You also need to know that PPI is not compulsory.

If any of the following apply to you in then this would constitute a mis-sell and the chances are you have a strong case for reclaiming the PPI premiums or payments towards PPI.

With successful claims you also receive compensation in the form of interest on the money you have paid out.


Were you told PPI was compulsory? Did you think you had to take PPI?

Some lenders mis-sold PPI to consumers saying that PPI was compulsory when it was not, or allowed consumers to think they were less likely to have their loan, credit card or mortgage application approved if they didn't take out the PPI cover or even that consumers wouldn't get a loan, credit card or mortgage at all if they did not take out PPI at the same time.

If you were told you had to buy a PPI policy from your lender in order to get a loan, credit card or mortgage, or if it was implied that taking PPI was favourable in your application, then you were mis-sold.

Which? also says '...if you bought PPI after 14 January 2005 and were told it was 'strongly recommended' or had the product explained to you using similar terms, this counts as an 'advised sale'. Unless you were issued a 'demands and needs statement' that sets out why your particular policy was recommended as suitable for you, you have grounds for complaint'.

Think about the following points and see if they apply to you when you were making your application for a loan, credit card or mortgage. They are all forms of mis-selling PPI. If they apply to you fill in the no-obligation enquiry form to find out if you have a claim.

  • It wasn't made clear the PPI policy was optional or you weren't told about any cooling off period.
  • It was implied or stated it would be more expensive if you didn't take the PPI policy.
  • It was implied or insisted you take out their policy to qualify for the product or help with your application.
  • The salesperson was very pushy when selling the loan, credit card or mortgage, so you felt you could not say no to also taking out the PPI.
  • You weren't allowed to continue with the application if you did not sign the PPI policy agreement as well.

PPI was added without you knowing anything about it. You might not know you have PPI even now.

In the past, policy agreements used pre-ticked boxes that required consumers to request not to have PPI with their loans, credit cards or mortgages. This has now changed and the practice no longer exists as it is unfair however what is means is that PPI was taken by a lot of consumers without them requesting it. Chances are consumers such as these don't even realise they have it now. If you took out a loan, credit card or mortgage before 2008 this could be you.

If you don't know if you have PPI you can check your old credit agreements to see if the PPI tick-box was pre-populated and if so you have cause for complaint. If you cannot find your old credit agreements we can still help you find out if you have a claim. Simply fill in the no-obligation enquiry form and we'll get the ball rolling if you know you have a claim or if you just want to find out if you do.

Check any credit card, finance or loan agreements you have and make sure you haven't unwittingly been paying for PPI. If you have, you'll have a case for reclaiming your money and should start your claim straightaway.

Were you told or sold the wrong thing?

This covers a variety of circumstances such as the fact you were already covered through your partner or work, or the policy was not what you had agreed to, maybe the insurance ran out before you had completely paid back your loan and you didn't realise, or if you thought you were taking a joint PPI policy where as it was in fact only in one person's name.

You were self-employed, unemployed or retired when you took out PPI.

If you didn't have a job, were retired or were self-employed at the time you took out a PPI policy (whether you know you took the PPI policy out or not), check to see whether it includes unemployment cover. Most policies have this, and if your PPI policy does then this part of the insurance is effectively worthless and as such you may have a claim.

If you were self-employed, check your eligibility for a payout if your business went bust. Usually this is not the case and if not, and it wasn't explained to you, you may have a case.

If you weren't asked about your employment status when you took the PPI policy out, or you made your situation clear and were sold the PPI anyway, there's a strong chance you have a case for claiming back your PPI premiums.

Most PPI policies also have an upper age limit in them which means if you are older than this they will not pay out should you claim on them. If you were older than this upper age limit when you first took out PPI meaning you could never make a claim, you almost certainly have a strong case for reclaiming all your premiums you paid towards PPI. If you passed the age threshold whilst paying for your cover, you have a claim for a partial refund of PPIs based on this alone and should seek repayment of the PPI premiums you have shelled out for since passing that age threshold. We can help you with all types of claims. Just fill in the no-obligation enquiry form and we'll send you our simple claims pack via email and post for you to review, fill in and return.

You had a pre-existing medical condition when you were sold PPI.

Vast arrays of insurance policies have standard exclusions that mean that if you fall into one of these exclusions the policy will not pay out. Pre-existing medical conditions are among the standard exclusions that exist. What this means is if you did have a pre-existing medical condition at the time of taking out the PPI policy, very few types of cover would actually pay out if you needed to claim on the policy because you become ill with a condition you have suffered from before – or with a condition that could be related back to a former sickness.

You should have been asked about your health at the time of taking out the PPI policy. If you weren't, you may have a claim for mis-selling. Fill in the no-obligation enquiry form and we will help you find out and reclaim any PPI you have been mis-sold. Likewise, if there are other exclusions in the terms and conditions of your policy that you hadn't been informed of, or the information that you were given was incorrect, you could be due a payout.

The PPI you were sold didn't suit your circumstances.

Until May 2009, the majority of PPI policies were sold as 'single premium' policies. What this means is the cost of the insurance was added onto your loan or finance agreement at the start meaning you were forced to pay interest on this as well as the sum you had borrowed. If you had a loan for £5,000 you didn't just pay interest on that, the PPI premium added on could have been about £1,250 meaning you actually were paying interest on £6,250, not £5,000 as you might have expected.

Most single premium PPI policies had a standard term of 5 years. If your loan or credit agreement was for longer than 5 years you would no longer be covered by the PPI as it would have run out. Did you get told you wouldn't be covered throughout the whole period or your loan or credit agreement? If not, you should consider starting a PPI claim. Fill in the no-obligation enquiry form and we will help you start the process.

As mentioned previously, if you took out a joint loan but only one person had cover under the PPI policy, you may also have been mis-sold.

You may well have existing insurance in place that offers the same level of cover as the PPI policy you took. This could be an employer's income protection insurance policy for example. In this instance, if the person who sold you the PPI policy was aware of this before you signed up for the cover, you may also be entitled to reclaim.

Has your PPI provider/bank/lender already been fined?

The regulator has said it wants to see better practice. Many major PPI providers such as Lloyds, Liverpool Victoria and Capital One have been fined for "not treating customers fairly". If yours has, it's very likely you have a case to reclaim your mis-sold PPI.

If any of these points, or the checklist below, apply to you then fill in the no-obligation enquiry form so see how much you are owed and get that money returned to you.

  • You didn't ask for PPI with your loan, credit card or mortgage but got it anyway.
  • You were made to think you needed to have PPI cover with your loan, credit card or mortgage by your provider.
  • You weren't told that PPI was available elsewhere at a potentially lower price.
  • PPI was added to your loan, credit card or mortgage but you weren't told why.
  • You were not told that there was a 'cooling off' period where you could cancel the PPI cover at no cost to you.
  • You feel you were pressured into taking PPI with your loan, credit card or mortgage?
  • The affordability of the PPI policy was not checked against your income and expenditure when you took the PPI policy out.
  • You were self-employed, unemployed or working a fixed term contract when you took out your loan, credit card or mortgage.
  • You were retired or over the upper age limit of cover when you first took out the PPI policy or you past the upper age limit of cover whilst you had the PPI policy.
  • You were not asked if you received sick pay from your employer.
  • You were not told if you were being sold on an advised or non-advised basis.
  • If you were told the sale was non-advised, you were not given advice regarding the merits of the PPI policy.
  • You were not asked if your circumstances were likely to change during the period you had the PPI policy.
  • You were not provided with the written documentation required under the FSA's rules such as the statement of price, policy summary or statement of demands and needs by the loan, credit card or mortgage provider.
  • The full cost of the PPI policy was not fully explained to you.
  • The key features of the PPI policy, such as its optional nature and non-pro-rata refund terms were not fully explained to you.
  • You were not fully explained what the PPI policy's exclusions and limitations were.
  • The PPI's exclusions in the written terms and conditions were not explained to you.
  • You were you not told that a commission was to be paid to the broker or intermediary.
  • The PPI cover was paid for as a lump sum (single premium) when you took out the loan, credit card or mortgage.
  • You were not told that repaying your loan early would mean that the rebate on the PPI element would not be proportionate.
  • Your PPI cover did not match the actual term of the loan or mortgage?
  • You were not told about the consequences of taking out a PPI policy that does not cover the full term of a loan or mortgage that it is linked to.
  • You were not asked about any existing PPI cover you may have had.
  • When you took out the loan, credit card or mortgage you had existing ailments such as depression, back problems, etc.
  • The PPI policy you took only applied to one person however the loan, credit card or mortgage it was linked to was in joint names.
  • You were not asked how long you had been employed by your employer at the time of taking the PPI policy. Some PPI policies need you to have been employed for a certain period of time to be suitable.

    The first step is to find out if you have a claim and how much it could be worth. To do this simply fill in your details in the boxes to the right.

    We will send you our no-obligation claims pack via email and post which will be sent at no cost and which has all you need in it to get your money back. If you decide you want us to reclaim what you are owed you return this to us then we proceed to get you back your money.

    There are two kinds of people who have been mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI).

    1. People who know they had PPI with a loan, credit card or mortgage.
    3. People who are completely unaware that PPI was added to their loan, credit card or mortgage; PPI was added without them knowing anything about it.

    If you've ever had a loan, credit card or mortgage you could well be one of these two kinds of people. We can help you either reclaim the PPI that you know was mis-sold to you or find out if PPI was added to any loan, credit card or mortgage that you have taken without you knowing about it. If you didn't know you had PPI then you can definitely reclaim this.

    We have been helping people reclaim their mis-sold PPI for over 3 years and have made thousands of successful claims. If you are thinking about reclaiming PPI, or if you want to find out if you can reclaim, or if you want to know if you have PPI at all, then we will help you do this.

    Making a claim or finding out what you have and how much you are owed by a bank is easy with us. Simply enter your details in the boxes on the right and we'll send you out a very simple claims pack via email and post to fill in. You then return this to us and we will then do everything that needs to be done to get the information you need from your bank and reclaim what you are owed.

    Enter your details in the boxes below then click on the 'Submit' button. We specialise in reclaiming mis-sold PPI and can find out if you can claim and how much you could be owed.

    Email address
    Home tel.
    Address 1
    Address 2
    Post Code
    I've had
    Please include all loans, credit cards and mortgages you have taken in the last 15 years including those you've paid off as well as any you still have now.

    Information about what banks and lenders could have mis-sold PPI

    The majority of mis-sold PPI policies were sold from the main high street banks such as Lloyds TSB, Barclays, Halifax and so on however there are hundreds of other smaller banks and lenders who have also mis-sold PPI over time.

    If you had a loan, mortgage or credit card from a bank or lender who is authorised by the FSA (now FCA) and you were mis-sold PPI then you can make a claim. If the bank or lender isn't authorised by the FCA then unfortunately you cannot make a claim as there is no official body that regulates that bank or lender.

    Banks that we have made claims with:

    Lloyds TSB
    Alliance & Leicester (Santander)
    NatWest RBS
    Black horse
    Welcome finance
    Clydesdale Bank
    Lombard direct (RBS)
    HFC Bank
    Cheltenham & Gloucester Plc.
    Bradford & Bingley plc
    Woolwich Plc
    Sainsbury's bank
    Capital Bank PLC
    First National (GE Money)
    GE Capital
    Morgan Stanley
    American Express
    First Direct
    Gold fish
    Ikano Financial Services
    Clydesdale Financial Services
    First Plus
    Britannia Building Society
    Bank of Ireland
    Chelsea Building Society
    The Royal bank of Scotland
    RCI Financial Services Limited
    First Trust Bank (AIB Group)
    Coventry Building Society
    Liverpool Victoria
    Ocean Finance
    Scottish Widows
    Home Shopping Personal Finance Limited (Halifax)
    Abbey (cc)
    FGA Capital UK Ltd
    AA Credit Card
    Santander Consumer Finance
    Swift 1st Group
    West Bromwich Building Society
    Littlewoods (CC 4929)
    Virgin Money
    Nottingham Building Society
    Blue Sky Personal Finance
    Peugeot Financial Services
    Capital Home Loans
    Central Capital
    AA Finance
    Aviva Plc
    British Credit Trust Ltd
    Citroen Financial Services
    RBS (SAR)
    Reg Vardy
    Platform Funding
    Arnold Clark Automobiles Limited
    Hitachi Capital
    Rooftop mortgages
    Proton Finance
    Pinnacle Insurance
    Oakwood Mortgages Services
    RIGP Finance
    Greenhill Finance
    Assured Funding Corporation Ltd
    Yes Car Credit - Not Authorised
    Blemain Finance Limited
    First Response Finance Ltd
    1st Stop Finance Ltd
    NIIB Group Limited
    Redstone Mortgages
    Progressive Building Society
    Mortgage Trust Ltd
    Accord Mortgages
    Eastern Western Motor Group
    PFM Associates Limited
    CT Capital PLC
    Capital One
    Abbey National (Santander)
    Northern Rock (NRAM)
    Bank of Scotland
    Yorkshire Bank
    Santander (Store Credit Cards)
    Virgin Credit Card
    Citi Bank
    Tesco Bank
    GE money
    M&S money
    Welcome Finance - (FSCS)
    Ulster Bank
    Creation Consumer Finance Ltd
    Beneficial finance
    AA Loans
    Birmingham Midshires
    Littlewoods (Shop Direct)
    Yorkshire Building Society
    Leeds Building society
    Post Office
    Northern Bank Limited
    BHS Credit Card (Barclaycard)
    House of Fraser (Santander Cards)
    Bristol and West
    Bennett Gould & Partners LTD
    Mortgage Express
    DFS Ltd
    John Lewis
    BMW Financial Services
    Future Mortgages
    Style Finance Services
    Newcastle Building Society
    Everyday loans
    Close Motor Finance Ltd
    The Funding Corporation
    Skipton Building Society
    Endeavour Personal Finance
    Car Craft
    Halifax - Credit Card Charges
    UCB Home Loans
    Northridge Finance Ltd
    Derbyshire Home Loans
    IF Intelligent Finance
    Oakwood Homeloans Ltd
    Homebase Limited
    FLM Loans
    Suzuki Financial Services Limited
    Ford Credit UK
    Anglian Windows LTD
    National Westminster Bank Plc
    Dixons Retail (Know How)
    Norwich and Peterborough
    Mortgage Agency Services
    Cardiff Pinnacle Insurance
    ITC Compliance Limited
    Toyota finance
    First National
    Thomas Cook Personal Finance Limited (Credit Card)
    The Royal bank of Scotland (cc)
    Norton Finance
    Central Trust
    Mitsubishi Motors in the UK
    Mortgages plc
    Shogun Finance Ltd
    Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Limited
    1st Credit Limited
    Ucan Car Credit
    Commercial First
    Lancashire Mortgages
    Libra Financial Services Ltd
    Co-operative Group Motors Limited
    Swale Motors
    The Mortgage Centre
    Newbury Building Society
    Earl Shilton Building Society
    The Mortgage Business
    Chaseblue Loans
    Leek United Building Society
    Mansfield Building Society


    Do you think you've never had anything with PPI?

    Are you sure? You might want to think again...

    If you take into account the fact that PPI was mis-sold to consumers in many ways, but a common way of wrongly selling PPI was to put PPI onto loans, credit cards and mortgages without the consumer even knowing.

    You may think you don't have anything with PPI, but if you had a loan, credit card or mortgage at any point over the last 15 years or so there's a chance it had PPI added to it. There's a further chance you never even knew, because they believed that a payment protection insurance (PPI) premium would have been evident to consumers where one was being charged. We can find out if this is the case then pursue your rightful compensation in a speedy and professional manner.

    If you've had a loan, credit card or mortgage at any point over the last 15 years or so then get a claims pack. We can then find out if you did have PPI and if so, how much you can reclaim. Simply fill in the no-obligation enquiry form to find out if you have a claim.

    Elham Rizi, BBC Watchdog

    The end result is that consumers ended up with a PPI policy that they often did not want, could not use or didn't even realise existed at all.

    The benefits of using a claims management company (CMC) for reclaiming PPI

    We can be extremely helpful and often needed by customers. We have years of experience in dealing with the processes and systems involved in reclaiming mis-sold PPI. We deal with many cases on a daily basis and have thousands of clients including those who we felt the bank tried to manoeuvre into a position they did not want to be in.

    Since we first started helping consumers reclaim their mis-sold PPI we have helped thousands of people successfully reclaim what is rightfully theirs. There is a vast array of experience with dealing with banks directly. We can take any pain and confusion out of receiving and understanding correspondence from banks whilst at the same time communicating your requirements back to their specialist PPI teams that have been created due to the sheer size of the mis-sold PPI scandal. Using a CMC such as us means you will have a professional acting on your behalf, on a strictly no-win-no-fee basis* that will get your claim processed as fast and efficiently as possible.

    Reclaiming your mis-sold PPI

    We take all the leg-work out of making a PPI claim.

  • Enter your details in the boxes of the no-obligation enquiry form to start your claim.
  • We send you our no-obligation claims pack via email and post which will be sent at no cost.
  • You fill in the required forms and return it to us.
  • We will write to all the banks and/or other lenders that you have had loans, credit cards and mortgages with to reclaim all your mis-sold PPI or find out if you have PPI that you didn't even know about and if so claim that.

  • You sit back and wait for your money to be returned to you. Typically this takes about 3 months however some cases are considerably quicker than that.

    * If you cancel on request after 14 days then you may be subject to a cancellation charge (see our Terms and Conditions)


    "PPI-hit consumers face stalling from banks" says newspaper report

    According to the press the banks are holding up legitimate consumer complaints as they have rejected a third of claims over the last nine months. In November 2012 this hit a high of 44 per cent.

    The rejection of these claims, could mean that more consumers have to refer their case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) in order to ensure that they get their money back.

    The article implies that this means that consumers are having to wait longer for their money from a successful claim and some consumers having claims rejected by their banks take their claim no further meaning the banks don't repay what they should.

    Don't be one of these people. Using us will mean you use a resource that has experience in reclaiming mis-sold PPI from the banks along with many thousands of successfully compensated customers. Make a claim through us and receive any refund you are due in the quickest amount of time possible. Fill in the no-obligation enquiry form to start your claim.

    PPI complaints to ombudsman soar as banks fail to deal with claims

    Miles Brignall of The Guardian says: "Consumers complained to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) in record numbers last year, as the fallout from the payment protection insurance (PPI) mis-selling scandal continued and financial services customers became more aware of their rights."

    Don't let this happen to you.

    Using us to reclaim your mis-sold PPI means you are using a company with experience of making claims. If your claim has to go to the FOS this can increase your waiting time to receive any refund you are due by well over half a year. We will take claims to the FOS that get rejected if we feel there is a case to answer but do what we can to get the claim resolved fairly without this having to happen.

    The fact is that two in three of the claims made against the ten most complained about banks were later upheld by the FOS in 2012. The banks rejected legitimate claims and will continue to do so.

    If the banks have said you don't have a claim come to us instead.

    Below are figures from the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) showing claims they received and upheld for some of the main high street banks.

    Lloyds TSB was the subject of 45,727 complaints to the ombudsman, 42,195 about PPI, of which 86% were upheld; Bank of Scotland attracted 34,434 PPI complaints, of which 81% were upheld; while another Lloyds Group business, Black Horse Limited, accounted for a further 5,888 complaints about PPI, of which 97% were ruled in the customer's favour by the ombudsman.

    Reclaim mis-sold PPI/Make an enquiry
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    Was I mis-sold PPI?

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    Fill in the no-obligation enquiry form today. We specialise in reclaiming mis-sold PPI and can find out if you can claim and how much you could be owed. Page keywords are PPI Misselling Refunds, Wrongly Sold PPI Insurance Reclaim, Claim PPI Refunds, Mis Sold PPI PPI Refund, Wrongly Sold PPI Compensation Reclaim.

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